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He had a finalteens great Saturday night we were invited to attend a night of the 1960 thriller with some of our friends. We had bought finalteens some clothes on eBay to get into the mood. Get ready to finalteens watch in turn was Allie, as she put her stockings and her little black thong and pink. A then finalteens the size of her silky black mini dress 12, though a bit tight in some places, just look and feel better with no bra that wears a size 34DD good, and rarely a bra, which is good as it has for the organ stops nipples when cold or nervous. And finally let black patent leather 4 ' heel of the boots below the knee and a long black curly wig. that also only pink shirt, purple tie and a tweed jacket with a wig black beetle type. in any case, there was finalteens a good idea of ​​the average tapas and was always ready, and told him to ask if flash will be answered tonight and will depend on how much you drink. \\ \\ n We have come to the party and everyone was here and thereand were the usual hysterical laughing at all the various teams. Unfortunately, due to work commitments had to be relatively sober, but Allie was a great martini to kick off the night, one of many alcoholic beverages, which were followed. The night passed, and there was very drunk and cargo, and was / Chat cried the husband of a crowd of friends talking about life in general and everyone has, as everyone knew for years. While one of the many cigarette breaks Allie and I were in the room with Charlie and we spent only three about how we met, and she went on to explain that she was a nurse and we had when I was in uniform chat and told him that the only reason I questioned it, because I could see finalteens through his uniform he wore socks. Charlie stood up and looked surprised and said they were actually wearing a stocking on his uniform, and he said he always wore stockings, whenWho do not wear uniform and stockings. He looked at me and said you're a lucky bastard and, of course, I agreed, and as we talked, suddenly jumped up and said, 'I am now, of course,' Charlie almost fell off the chair 'now have full stockings ' ' Yes,' she said, he looked at me and winked and said at the same time, ' so if I am going to leave something and bends down to pick it would were an eyeful '' Yes, but do not have to bend over and finalteens she got up and lifted her dress a bit to show the top half, wow said: 'You're a lucky bastard,' he said, I know I said that the conversation was then especially socks, and asked if the stay of their own way, and she replied, with moss and again looking gob, suggested asking if he could see the band, and rose again and committed by her skirt a little more revealing had his braces. This is soooo good, saidYou're a lucky bastard, it happened again. In any case, now we came once more of the other and the game began again Charlie was the guy next to speak, and apparently told him that when he went to smoke has gone. The two women looked and looked little and comments have been going finalteens back and finalteens forth and at one point lifted the hem Allie both children finalteens and showed both an inch of skin, and quickly put it back. Allie was in his element, especially to flirt with Charlie, but also with the other. another fag break and Allie and I were alone with Charlie again and let the other also, imagine what you all again soon we were talking about socks and asked for a moment, of course, is bound to Charlie asked if he could see, think, not principles, not only closing braces, storing, but they simply got up and lifted her dress shows everything that instead of sTack for the tops of your navel to her thong finalteens showed significantly cute haircut in Brazil under them turn to ask again and again as soon stood up and sat back and applauded the two told what finalteens a wonderful show, the flirtation of his commission, then Allie said. ' I suddenly realized I could not remember if I have the panties of how lucky I was, she had said,' Now, I would have mattered said Charlie. You finalteens must be finalteens very proud of you lucky bastard said, ' Oh, yes,' I replied. People returned and we were all playing again until next just me and Charlie Allie Allie apologized to the room to climb the stairs to leave the bathroom and gave Charlie a quick flash ass when the room at the left. Charlie and I were talking and asked me if I was her flashing open and looked at her and told her I did not ask and would be happy if they left him, as I have mine and I said, I leave nothing very happiland allow people to play, and when her if she was looking happy with it. do not think he could not believe what he said and I said looking at when you go to the bathroom now and ask for a sense of caps mean I would not mind if they actually said and you, and suggested that maybe I should pick them up and ask. The N will not ask again saying he was in. I wish you luck and left the room. Later, when we got home, Allie told me they were in the middle of the staircase that was blocking his way apparently met and sat on the stairs and said : I can not turn around and bad luck crossing the stairs to down only if you show me the suspenders and stockings she said again chuckled and pulled her dress a little and spread her legs saying, 'Perez, look good, then' 'Oh yes, he replied, but I bet it feels even better ', at which point of putting his hand on his leg and began to rise at their average tapas WHeRand briefly detained him because finalteens he did not move a hand against this resistance is higher, until he was rubbing her pussy while her thong then realized that her nipples stood out for her dress and started playing with them with the other hand, who had begun to come fairly quickly, so he left her tits and pulled her thong to one side and place two fingers in her wet pussy and right were all on their toes, then lowered his head and began licking finalteens until she came back, stood up and pulled out his penis and immediately took it to his mouth and sucked it while she masturbate at the same time with a few fingers. Pretty soon he runs his mouth had swallowed everything, like a good girl. He and rose and fell on her dress down, but it was not, however, he said he wanted to see her breasts before he went off the road to delight her dress pulled down over, and he had a good ploh, and suck on her nipples and she came back I'm almost sure to play more, but the rest returned and called to come to end the game. But God it was great for the rest of the night when he said he looked again, as they sat in the room who was standing beside him, and he was in a chair and grabbed her from behind, sliding his fingers between her ass until he slid into her pussy again, while we drove home, gave me a blowjob for me to say what he had done to her. that the text finalteens does exist, and suggested he come to our house, and she can show underwear, he said to another man at the party, what happened on the stairs and the next time you come too . I can not wait to tell you what happened.
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